Communal at Work


·         In 1992, the World Council of Credit Union selected Communal and another Credit Union in St. Patrick’s, to pilot a project aimed at the development of the movement in Grenada. This project led to the amendment of by-laws, introduction of stricter loan collection policies, the introduction of lending for small enterprises and changes to internal regulations and controls;


o   It must be noted that  Communal was awarded the most outstanding credit union for the periods 2004-2005, 2006-2007, and 2007-2008;


·         Communal’s Empowerment Skills Training Programme for members was initiated in 2008 by the late General Manager, Mr. M. Brian Campbell. This Programme aims at developing new skills in our members.  In 2010, the Board of Directors took the decision to rename the programme “Brian Campbell Empowerment Programme”. From its inception to 2014 thus far, over 350 persons have received training in areas such as Gourmet cooking, sewing and cake and pastry making;


·         The Rodney Mauricette Award Scholarship was introduced in 1988.  The scholarship awards five-year scholarships and one-off grants to members' children entering secondary school, following success in the common entrance examinations.  Over 40 children of Communal members have received assistance under this programme;       


·         Communal successfully merged/amalgamated with the following credit unions over the years; -

o    Vincennes Credit Union - 2004

o    Perdmontemps Co-operative Credit Union – October 1, 2007 and

o    Seven -Day Adventist Credit Union in 2011

·         The formerly owned GRENLEC building on Halifax Street was acquired by Communal in 2007.  In April  2012, the main office of Communal was relocated to this building after being refurbished; 

·         In April 2012, Communal signed a Shared services Agreement with the Grenville Credit Union. This Agreement allows members from both credit unions to carry out certain transactions at each other branches;

The Communal Co-operative Credit Union in collaboration with Grenada Co-operative Bank introduced its International Debit Card in April 2014.


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