Debit Card FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s  (Please click on the questions below to reveal the answers)

When you use a debit card, the merchant sends a confirmation to the Credit Union for an authorization. When the approval is given, the balance in your savings account is reduced or "blocked" by the amount of the purchase. This is known as a pre-authorization hold. The merchant determines the amount of the hold. Communal establishes the length of time the hold remains in place. Typically the hold stays on your account until the funds are transferred to the merchant, or 24 hours.

You will have to visit a credit union branch office with your ID and your Card to re-pin the card.

You can call our Card Services Unit at 1 473 - 440 1755 ext 100 or 114 to block the lost card for you over the phone. If your card is lost after hours, please call the number behind your card. We need a written request to order you a new card; you may stop in one of our four locations

Some companies use different names, so always try to contact the company first(VISA requires this) to try to get your money back. The next step is to complete a Debit Card Dispute Form and return it to The Communal Co-operative Credit Union Card Services Unit. When we receive your written dispute, we would work with VISA to get your refund processed.

Debit Card have daily limits. The limit is 5 transaction or a maximum of $ 2,500.00 at ATM machines, and 10 purchases or a maximum of $5,000 in any given day. These limits can be increased upon request at our Card Services Unit.

You can use your card internationally, for your benefit, we recommend notifying us prior to travelling.}

Presently, the Card does not have any rewards

The IDC offers reliable security, since it reduces your dependency to carry cash around, and cash, once lost can not be traced or refunded. (4C's Caribbean Credit Card Corporation) our external partners, monitor your account 24 hours each day  to help prevent this. Any funds withdrawn from account due to fraudulent use would be refunded, as long as your dispute is substantiated

Your IDC would not attract any additional fees to your account in the form of interest rates or otherwise. The card is very different from a credit card, since it is not a loan, but a means by which you can access your account.

Your IDC would only allow you to spend what you have. The card would be directly linked to your debit card saving account.

In order to track your balances you can be provided with monthly statements upon request. Statements requested on demand would be provided to you at a small cost. You are also to continue checking your balances at the ATM. Thhe Credit Union recognizes the need for online banking, and we are working to provide this service to to you in the near future.

You have the option to have more than one IDC which would be linked to your debit card savings on that account. If you have more than one savings account, you can have separate IDCs for each one, from which transaction amounts will be debited as long as there is a sufficient balance.

The Credit Union, through its card management company, provides you with an efficient 24 hour support service that would enable you to call, free of charge, to rectify any problems you may encounter or to report the card lost or stolen, after the credit unions's operating hours. This number can be found at the back of your card.

Members of Communal Credit Union would be using the ATM's of GCBL & PSCU. If your card is captured in any one of these machines on a work day you should contact the bank/ credit union immediately to report it. Cards captured in ATM's outside the CONNEX network the same applies. However, if your card is captured on a weekend you should call your card issuer to have your card blocked to prevent any discrepancies.

When you present your card for payment you would be required to sign your receipt and present picture identification; in some cases you may have to enter your personal identification number (PIN). For online purchases you would be required to enter your card number. (Refer to booklet, which outlines how to use, protect and manage the Card and also provides Safety Tips).

Purchases can be made in any currency, which would be converted and reflected on your account and statement in EC dollars.