Exam Fees

The Exam Fees Savings Plan is designed to assist parents and Guardians to pay their children's exam fees. Whether G.C.E., CXC's or others.

These fees are normally payable in November. You may start to save from January to (or earlier) October 31st. Withdrawals are not allowed until November 1st.

You save a minimum of $600 over the period to cover the fees.

Interest accrues monthly.

If the exam fee is more than the $600 you save, the communal will give you an unsecured loan equal to the amount saved to be payable within 12 months. A signed salary deduction will be required for the loan to be signed. The plan is designed for the present 4th formers who will be in the 5th form by September of the next year. You may start to save for the 3rd formers exam fee from now. So plan ahead and start now.

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