Communal International Debit Card

Communal Visa Debit Card – operated on the CONNEX network this card gives you the convenience of shopping online or paying for goods and services with the security of a card. You can also access cash 24/7

Use your Communal Visa International Debit card to withdraw cash from any CONNEX ATM or at any financial institution where the Visa and Plus marks are displayed. This includes making withdrawals at Co-operative Bank and Public Service Co-operative Credit Union ATMs. You simply input your Personal Identification Number (PIN). This is the same Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you selected with the insurance of your new card.

You have the comfort of not having to walk around with excess cash. If you are travelling abroad, there is no need to purchase foreign currency or travellers’ cheques. Simply use your Communal Visa International Debit card to make purchases where Visa Debit is accepted.

Important Highlights

  • The most you can withdraw with your card, in any one day is EC $2,500.00; or a maximum of (5) transactions per day at the ATM.
  • At POS machine, your daily purchase limit is EC $5,000.00 or a maximum of ten (10) transactions.
  • The available balance in your account at Communal is your spending limit. As a result, you cannot spend more than what is in your account.

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Communal International Visa Debit Card FAQ's

Why would my available cash balance be different from my balance?
When you use a debit card, the merchant sends a confirmation to the Credit Union for an authorization. When the approval is given, the balance in your savings account is reduced or "blocked" by the amount of the purchase. This is known as a pre-authorization hold. The merchant determines the amount of the hold. Communal establishes the length of time the hold remains in place. Typically the hold stays on your account until the funds are transferred to the merchant, or 24 hours.
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