Erma Whint Health Assistance Fund:

The Erma Whint Health Assistance Fund, named in honor our well-respected and dedicated former staff member, was established at the 29th Annual General Meeting of The Communal Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. in 2011. This Fund is used to provide grant assistance up to two thousand Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC$2,000.00) to our valued members and their immediate families requiring medical assistance. This Fund does not cover cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, purchase/payment of regular or routine medications or medical procedures and travel expenses and is administered by a Committee that is made up of a Director, Supervisory & Compliance Committee Member, Credit Committee Member, and a Staff Member.

To qualify for assistance under this Fund, you must satisfy the following conditions:

-Be a member for at least two (2) years
-All account(s) must be in good standing
-Must not have health coverage (insurance)
-Must not be eligible for any private or government-sponsored coverage (such as NIS)

Call (473) 440-1755 to speak with any of our friendly Member Service Officers for more information.

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Members Group Health & Life Insurance Plan:

With the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic in March 2020, our credit union and country lost many loved ones as a result of this deadly virus, and we continue to grapple with its lingering adverse impact on the well-being of our members. In August 2022, The Communal, in partnership with Agostini Insurance Brokers (G’da) Ltd. and Guardian General Insurance (O.E.C.S) Ltd., became the first credit union in Grenada to introduce a Group Health and Life Insurance Plan to fulfil our ongoing commitment to safeguard our valued members and their loved ones.

This Plan provides you with insurance coverage for medical, dental, vision, life, accidental death, and dismemberment, and is open to members who already have insurance, allowing you the opportunity to further reduce your out-of-pocket cost. Time to get covered! Join The Communal’s Members Group Health and Life Insurance Plan today!

For more information, speak with any of our friendly Member Service Officers or call  (473) 435-6861 .

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Rodney V. Mauricette Memorial Scholarship:

In honor of our beloved Founder, the Rodney V. Mauricette Memorial Scholarship was established in 1988 to provide scholarships – later expanded to include grants – to the children of our members, upon successful completion of their Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA), to defray the high cost associated with their secondary education.

The scholarship award provides educational assistance over the entire 5-year period of the child’s secondary education while the grant award is a one-off payment. Over the years, countless children of our valued members have received assistance under this programme.

Eligible members are encouraged to apply during the period 1st to 31stJuly each year.

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Brian Campbell Empowerment Programme:

In 2008, our former General Manager, Mr. Brian Campbell, established The Communal’s Empowerment Skills Training Program, which is aimed at providing our members with opportunities to acquire new skills in areas such as gourmet cooking, sewing, cake and pastry making. Following his passing, the Board of Directors rename the Program to its current name. Additionally, in partnership with T. A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), the programme offerings have expanded significantly over the years to other areas such as floral arrangements, cake and pastry decoration, gourmet construction, carpentry, refrigeration and air-conditioning, plumbing, among other areas, and hundreds of members have benefited. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to empower yourself!

Call  (473) 440-1755  to speak with any of our friendly Member Service Officers for more information.